Critical attributes of stainless steel Tubes & Pipes

Our Range of Stainless Steel Pipes & Tubes

High Resistance to corrosion SS Welded Pipes & Tubes
Strength at elevated temperature SS EFW / EFSW Pipes & Tubes
Toughness at cryogenic temperature SS Polished Pipes & Tubes
Cost effective with an extremely low life cycle cost SS Heat Exchanger Pipes & Tubes
Minimal maintenance SS Instrumental Pipes & Tubes
Light weight with a high strength to weight ratio SS Seamless Pipes & Tubes
Excellent engineering properties pT
Aesthetic and hygienic value
Easy availability
Lasts generations (high durability)
100% recyclable & environmental friendly
Clean and smooth transportation substances

Large Diameter Pipes:

  • Stainless steel Large Diameter (Welded) Pipes from 6” NB and above are hydraulically formed as per schedule 5, 10, 20, and 40. We have facilities to produce stainless steel pipes as per ASTM A-358 in class I, II, III, IV, & V
  • Class I. Pipes are double welded from inside and outside 100% Radiography is taken
  • Class II. Pipes are double welded but no Radiography is obtained
  • Class III. Pipes are single welded and 100% Radiography is taken
  • Class IV. Pipes are single welded with 100% radiography. Welding of root pass is done without addition of filter metal
  • Class V. Pipes are double welded with spot Radiography
  • All these pipes are normally Hydro tested as per the ASTM standards


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