Raw Materials

  • Raw material for manufacturing of Akash Steel Craft pipes & tubes are procured only from approved sources /vendors. The quality requirements for raw materials are governed by the technical parameters set forth by quality assurance department and relevant technical specifications
  • Mother tubes or hollows are procured from reputed manufactures in India and abroad and are subjected to through chemical analysis along with rigorous physical and mechanical tests

The Process

Manufacturing of welded pipes and tubes are carried out on sophisticated Tube Mills where the cold railed stainless steel strips are welded into tubes in a fully automated process.The process begins with the slitting of coils into strips of required width based on the diameter of the tubes to be formed. The slitted coils are passed through a series of rollers where it is continuously formed and welded into tubes in high precision by fully automated TIG welding.

Under this process, the edges of the strips are heated and fused together in a protective atmosphere of Argon gas through a non-consumable electrode without the addition of any filter materials.A continues bead rolling operation removes the inside and outside weld bead to practice a perfect bore .The continuous tube is then cut to specified lengths by an online cutting machine. Depending on the relevant specifications the tubes are then cold drawn solution annealed, straightened, pickled, passivated and polished before testing and dispatch

Manufacturing Steps


Annealing or heat treatment of the tubes is carried out in a fully automated and conveyor equipped furnace with temperature recorders & controls .It consist of healing the tubes to a specified temperature and immediate quenching thereafter.


After the annealing operation the tubes are straightened with a straightening machine. In addition to giving a high degree of straightness the tubes are also rounded up during this operation.

Hydro Static Testing

All pipes under this category will be Hydro tested as per required pressure.


 It is the removal of any high temperature scale and any adjacent low Chromium layer of metal from the surface of stainless steel by chemical means.


It is the treatment of the surface of stainless steels to remove containments and promote the formation of continuous passive film on a freshly created surface.


The excellent properties of stainless steel tubes and pipes including their high aesthetic & hygienic value, low maintenance and high durability has led to an increased demand for polished tubes and pipes in architecture, general engineering, dairy &food processing sectors among others

To meet such demands for high quality externally polished tubes and pipes. Akash steel is equipped with a state of the art polishing machine. All range of finishes re made available as per customer’s requirement


 To ensure complete identification and traceability, Brand Name, Size, Grade Specifications, Heat no/Lot No are marked on all the pipes and tubes by using the latest inkjet marking machine.

Eco Friendly Akash Steel Craft

In Consonance with the worldwide concern regarding the ecological balance, Akash Steel Craft is committed in preserving the environment. All efforts are being made to ensure that industrial wastes and pollutants are recycled. For this an upgraded effluent treatment plant is set up. Greening of the factory premises ensures a healthy work environment


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