About Stainless Steel

Stainless steel was introduced to the world in August 1912 when Harry Brearely of U.K recorded an analysis of a cast made during a visit to royal small arms factory in Enfield which showed a carbon content of 0.24% with silicon 0.20% manganese 0.44% and chromium 12.86%. On conducting various tests he found that the cast was resistant to corrosion and did not rust. Simultaneously two patent applications dealing with austenitic chrome nickel steel were filed by scientists of the German steel company ”Freid Krupp Gubstahlfabnk Essen” As of today stainless steel is 96 year old.

It is the presence of Chromium (Cr) which renders steels STAINLESS, and not nickel as is widely believed. Due to the desired level of Cr, a continuous stable and inert chromium oxide film forms on the Surface, which is its natural built in resistant to corrosion, both wet and dry. Nickel contributes in reinforcing the corrosion resistant and making it an engineering material.

pdflogoThere are five basic categories of stainless steel – Austenitic, Ferritic, Duplex, Martensitic & Precipitation hardening and the first two account for approximately 95% of stainless steel applications.

The Chrysler tower in New York completed in 1929 was crowned with an art deco cap of stainless steel. Extra sheets of stainless steel then brought for future maintenance needs are still kept in storage, having never been required since then, thus bearing permanent testimony to the lasting quality of stainless steels.

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