Quality Assurance

Akash Steel craft implements strict quality control procedures and post production metallurgical / mechanical tests to insure that your stainless steel tube & pipe requirements are met. Quality check methodology implemented at  Akash Steel Craft  covers all production stages right from raw materials,  designing, production, till the final  product is ready for dispatch.

The elements of the Quality check System correspond to the requirements of National and International codes, as well as customer’s own Quality Assurance requirements. All tests are carried out by trained and experienced quality personnel who can manipulate the relevant Inspection and Testing Machines in compliance with the set of strict guidelines


Each product of our range is tested as per the internationally accepted standards using various reliable test procedures, testing machines and experiment/measuring equipment for destructive and non-destructive testing. In addition, we also conduct specific testing as per the client’s requirement.

Depending on the intended application and technical delivery conditions or customer’s specifications, a variety of specific tests can be carried out to ensure that highest quality standards are maintained. We ensure that our  raw materials are supplied from trusted vendor and our products are offered after approval of renowned experts and inspection agencies/consultants


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Eddy Current Testing

This test is conducted to detect sub surface defects and homogeneities in subsurface by using Digital Flaw-mark Testing System on the entire length of tubes

Air under Pressure Test

We conduct this test on all the tubes that we manufacture to ensure there are no air leaks or incomplete welding

Chemical Analysis

We carry out a full chemical testing of tubes and pipes as per the ASTM standards and required quality standards

Visual Inspection

All products at Akash steel craft are subjected to 100% visual inspection for surface finish, dimensions, check on edges and length. Every single length of tubes & pipes is subjected to thorough visual inspection by trained staff for detecting surface flaws & other imperfections and this test ensures the straightness of tubes as per the ASTM standards


Corrosion Test

This test is conducted to find out the susceptibility of products to intergranular corrosion attack or to measure rate of corrosion. We conduct this test when specially requested by the client


Reverse-bend and Re. flat tests

Carried out in full compliance with relevant standards & ASTM A-450 and A-530 norms, which ensures trouble-free expansion, welding & use at customers end

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing is conducted for tensile strength, flaring, flanging, flattening, reverse bend and hardness


Hardness Test

Hardness test is used in Rockwell ‘B’ scale for raw material / tube/ pipe


Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine is used for tensile strength / elongation and other mechanical testing


Hydrostatic Testing

We conduct 100% Hydrostatic Testing using a high pressure pump for checking leakage on all pumps and pipes according to ASTM-A 450 norms



Supplementary Testing

Supplementary Testing on Manufactured Products as per the requirement or Client’s request

  • P Testing
  • Radiography Testing
  • Micro Testing
  • Macro Testing
  • Bending Test
  • IGC Testing
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Liquid Penetrate test
  • Impact Test